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Offersushi is your one-stop sushi caterer based in Milton, Massachusetts. Our chefs come right to your kitchen to create beautifully prepared sushi for you and your guests. Contact Us

My Story

I believe that – behind every success or failure – there is a good story to share and a lesson to learn. I am Ryan, the sushi chef, and owner behind OfferSushi. Making delicious sushi rolls is more than a job to me; it is a passion project. I can vividly recall the first time I made sushi. I questioned if I could do it and whether I would enjoy the experience.

For many years, I worked alongside a Taiwanese chef and every time I watched him create sushi, I asked myself: “Am I ever going to be able to make sushi like him?” This chapter in my life marks the continuation of this story…


Sushi Chef In Milton

Are you looking to hire a sushi chef in Milton for your events, parties, or special occasions? You’re in the right place. We have spent the past 11 years skillfully preparing sushi and offering catering services throughout Massachusetts. We will come to your location to help create a magnificent event for you and your guests that will be remembered for many years to come.

The sushi catering services we provide at OfferSushi are world-class. In terms of process, we come to your event location with all the ingredients required for the dishes you’ve selected. We work closely with you to customize your experience, armed with our expertise and high standards of excellence.

OfferSushi is led by one of the best sushi chef’s in Milton Ryan Pellumbi. Not only is he seasoned, but he is also extremely good at what he does. You simply need to try us to know that we should be your go-to choice for an unforgettable, tasty experience.

We invite you to call us at 508-450-9063 so that you don’t miss out on this incredible experience that we bring to each of our clients.







What Do We Offer?

Are you looking for something fun, exciting, and different? Are you tired of parties that feature BBQ hot dogs, burgers, or pizzas? We offer sushi catering services in Milton for birthday parties, weddings, bachelorettes, office functions, and golf club events. We also offer sushi classes, so why not skip the tired dinner and a movie date and come try something new?

Sushi Catering for Corporate Events

We provide sushi catering for corporate events, meetings, and more.

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Sushi Catering for Birthday Parties

Surprise birthday parties are one of the most common events we cater to.

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Sushi Catering for Weddings

Impress your wedding guest with our sushi catering service. Wedding days can (and should) be special for everyone, so why not choose the best menu possible to wow and delight your guests?

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Sushi Catering For Golf Clubs

For over 10 years, we have catered for the biggest and most renowned golf clubs in the state, including the Pine Brook Golf Club (in Weston); the Wollaston Golf Club (in Milton); the Nashawtuc Golf Country Club; and the Aquidneck Club (in Rhode Island).

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Sushi Making Classes

We offer sushi classes for anyone who wishes to learn how to make real, authentic Asian sushi at home for their family and friends.

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Sushi  Catering For Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are even more fun with sushi. Call me today so that I can help make your bachelorette party a unique and memorable experience with a customized menu.

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Our Prices

No sushi party is too large or too small, we provide the best affordable prices for sushi catering around Milton and all over Massachusetts. 

Sushi Packages

Package 1 “Less than 10 people” $500 (as much as you can eat)

Package 2 “10 people to 20” $ 50 per person. (as much as you can eat)

Package 3 ” More than 50 people” Negotiable with the chef.

Sushi Making Classes

 “Sushi Classes for all Occasions” for anyone who wishes to learn the art of sushi making. ($50 per person or $500 for 10 or less than 10 people)

I will personally come to your home/office/venue and I will teach how to make sushi with hands-on training. You will get to have a chance to learn all the basics of sushi making starting from ingredients and how to make sushi rice. I will share my secret tips, answer your questions on sushi making and everything you want to know about sushi. Book Your Sushi Class Now!

Note: I do not provide the place/venue for this sushi-making class.

All Packages Include

A chef to create custom sushi pieces and rolls at your event, a sushi bar, utensils, sushi rice, and basic fish selections are provided. You may select specific sushi rolls from our menu or leave the selection to the chef.

Sushi rolls are prepared in front of your guests. There is no limit to the number of rolls served. We do not charge by the piece, only by the number of guests. Your guests will enjoy a uniquely pleasant and unforgettable experience.


Let’s Work Together!

Your Home Our Sushi Bar, Let’s Party With Sushi Together!


Offer Sushi catered a surprise 30th birthday party that I threw for my wife. We had 20 people (ages 29-65) and everyone – I mean everyone – raved about the quality of the sushi, the service and the variety. Rayan started us off with a few trays of rolls, sushi and sashimi and when people went up to get some, they were able to order whatever they wanted directly from him. And, to top it off, they clean up meticulously. All in all, I would highly recommend Offer Sushi.

Eric Fireman


I learned about Ryan when I attended a sushi birthday party for a friend. Not only was his sushi fresh and delicious, but it was also very creative, for weeks after the party it was all I could talk about. When it came time to plan my own birthday my friend said “You’ve got to hire that sushi chef you keep talking about!” Well, I did and my party was a huge hit! The sushi rolled out until we were stuffed to the gills. On top of it, all Ryan easily accommodated my friends with shellfish allergies. As the evening drew on several of my friends were already talking about planning their own sushi party. I found the fun and elegance of having the sushi made in my own kitchen and served by the chef set everyone at ease. It brought us together in a way that doesn’t happen at a sit-down dinner or a more casual party. I can’t wait to do it again!

Veronika McDonald King


This was one of the best parties we have had!! I was so pleased that Chef Ryan was willing to travel down to New Bedford for my husband’s 40th birthday. Our friends (including ourselves) are very big sushi eaters and LOVE to try new, creative rolls. Leading up to the night, I was a little nervous about how the food would match our expectations. We were all blown away! Not only did we stuff ourselves, but we were also very impressed with the variety and unique combinations! I definitely recommend Chef Ryan and look forward to our next sushi party!

Kim Ferreira



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